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Valentine’s Day – The stupidest idea man created is back February 14, 2007

Posted by drowmage in Drowmage's Philosophy, Drowmage's rants, Valentine's Day.

Pink, roses, cupids, fluttery hearts, candle light dinners, empty wallets, stress, last minute gifts, broken relationships, death, loss.

Yup. That about sums up Valentine’s Day.

It’s funny how something which no one even remembers how it came about is one of the most marketable days of the year. According to Wikipedia, there’s no fixed story on how Valentine’s day came about, just a bunch of scattered legends.

But hang on, why does everyone celebrate this day? Shouldn’t they be mourning? After all, some of the worst things have happened on the 14th of February, on this so-called day of love. And lest you feel that you should celebrate this day no matter what, check first if it’s against your religion. I’ve even had friends tell me how they broke up with someone on this day. Or decided to cheat on someone else on this day.

But I like the way Sheih from Kickdefella wrote about Valentine’s Day:

“She has given a child all the loves he needs from their parents. She has sacrifice her needs, her future and above all, her life for our sakes. Well, all mums are made in heaven, and I am glad to know that one day, she will returns to Eden where she deserved it more than anyone I knew.

She, The Superwoman, deserved the roses more that any other woman on the Valentine’s Day. My roses will be for my one and only Superwoman. “

But why wait till one day of the year to show your love to someone? What’s so great? Why treat your loved one in a such a special way, one day of the year – when you can do that everyday?

What is it with women who have this unbelievably stupid need to be showered with expensive gifts this one day of the year?

What is it with men who have this stupid need to gratify these materialistic females?

I say, do away with the whole marketing gimmick, and treat your girl, or guy better every single day. I say this to all the wife-beaters, female trophies, gold-digging females, and cheating couples. If you had spent as much time treating your other half better 364 days a year, you wouldn’t be in such crap and need to spend hundreds on one fracking day.

So say we all.

Drowmage’s disclaimer : This is my opinion on this pathetic day, and if you don’t like it, there’s a nice X button above your browser. And no, I’m not an angsty single woman, I happen to be in a relationship with someone who shares the same view. So there.