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Hi Apple, Sponsor Me a Macintosh Machine, like a G4! February 8, 2007

Posted by drowmage in Drowmage's rants, Tech.
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I love Apple’s ads, here’s something on their current Mac OS Vs the new Microsoft Vista.

Now if only I could afford my own Apple machine…. *sigh*.

Dear Apple (no, I don’t mean Gwyneth Paltrow’s kid)- sponsor me  a machine! I’ve loved the design since I was sweet sixteen!

On a serious note, here are the reasons why people, especially in Asia, prefer buying normal PCs :

1. It’s cheaper(RM1500 (USD$416) for a PC Vs. RM6000 (USD$1666) for a Mac. I almost cried back in college.).

2. The parts are cheaper (because of all the cloned crap out there).

3. The software is cheaper (Come on, RM5 (USD$1.30) for a Diablo 2 game, compared to spending nearly RM100 (USD$28) on the real one??? Who you kidding?)

4. Windows is easier to use (this from a Windows user who says Mac OS is too hard to decipher).

5. There are hundreds of shops selling PCs. Sort of like little mushrooms sprouting on a pizza after you’ve left it in the fridge for a month. Compare that to the number of Apple stores here, which you can count on one hand? You do the math.

I leave you now to the glorious Apple advertisements, which has Justin Long (“Accepted”, “Dodgeball”) as ‘Mac’ (I want to say he’s hot, in a geeky, sort of way).

Better Results

Trust No One


Work Vs Home


Such nice, simple adverts. Frack flashy ads, I’m all for simplicity.