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My Brother: Robbed and Nearly Axed- IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! January 25, 2007

Posted by drowmage in Drowmage's rants, Events, Injustice.

I just got off the phone with Mom, who had told me about my brother getting robbed in broad daylight by 4 men, with axes in Seberang Perai (known as Mainland Penang, the piece that is stuck to the huge chunk of land called Malaysia, set apart from our lovely Pearl Isle).

Here’s the story I have from Mom, which I will further embellish with details from Bro once I get in touch with him:

Bro had followed the boss’ son to the bank, to bank in some cash. I’m not going to say how much, but let’s consider it about enough for a spanking brand new Gen-2.

Now, Bro had stopped at the traffic light, and saw in the rear-view mirror that there was a Toyota Altis just behind him. Surprised, he saw two Malay men getting out of the car and walking towards them, but as the light turned green, he thought nothing of it and moved the car forward.

Bro stopped the Mercedes-Benz at the bank, and manoeuvred the car right in front of the bank’s doors. Just as they got out of the car, Bro noticed the same car from the traffic stop, now parked right behind them and two men getting out of the car.

He smelled a rat. Something was wrong, and with a shout to the other passenger, urged him to get back into the car as he did the same.

Upon seeing this, the men reached into their car and pulled out axes, before starting for Bro and his friend. The assailants reached the car, and started smashing the windows of the car, while the two victims were huddled inside, fearing for their life. Being a Mercedes-Benz, and not one of those sardine-can type Protons you see around town, it withstood the first few impacts, but not for long.

Soon, glass flew everywhere, as the pressure of the window began to crack. Broken glass pieces landed in the passenger’s ears and even his eyes, and Bro was cut by broken glass on his arms. Finally, the evil doers made a hole in one of the windows, and reached in to grab Bro’s laptop bag, along with the money.

Everything was in a blur, and in a flash, the assailants, along with their two other accomplices, fled in their gold-coloured getaway Toyota Altis.

In all this time, let us note 3 very important things :

1) It happened in Broad Daylight, in Town, In front of People
2) The security detail at the Bank was nowhere to be seen
3) No passer-by called for help or bothered to do something

One hour later, the police came and took their statements. My brother, thank all the hundreds of deities and Gods in this universe, was alive. But his sense of security had been threatened. His livelihood, in his laptop was gone. His sense of belief in this country, robbed.

And for the Drowmage, it sucks because such a thing, which you only read about in the papers, has happened to one of your own. Your own sibling, of your own blood which you share with your father and mother.

And now, my friends, I will rant about this.

What has happened to this fucking country? Why does a person, in broad daylight, get attacked by 4 axe-wielding degenerates, in front of a goddamn bank? Where was the help?

Where was the security guard of the bank? Do you mean to say that because it didn’t happen in the bank, that it was none of their business to help?

What happened to the surrounding people? Where were they? Did they bother to call out for help? Did they call the cops? Or did they feign indifference, as people often do in this fucking country, and go about their business? Were they busy writing down the license plate numbers, so that they could go off and buy numbers from the nearest 4D punter shop?

Someone cited a case some time back that this one good Samaritan had chased a snatch thief down an alley and was stabbed to death instead, thus perhaps why no one had bothered to help my brother and his friend. I shot back that if a group of people had chased the snatch thief instead, the situation would have been reversed.

So where was group unity? Where were the things which we were taught about in those books, those movies, those damn TV series about honour, courage, bravery, and human unity? Where the fuck were these values?

Were they lost in the education system that crammed exam tips and answers down the students’ throats? Were they lost in the so-called universities that seem to churn out more and more students with sheets of ink covered, mashed tree sap sheets called degrees, yet were jobless, unable to speak the same level of English as their grandfathers without bloody degrees did 50 years ago before the independence?

Where are the values, instilled by our forefathers of our previous generations? Has everyone in this country gone blind, when no one cares anymore?

Or was it because, these degenerates, in knowing that these values and good things no longer existed, dared to carry out their plan to destroy the lives and security of others, because they knew they could get away with it?

Tell me, because I no longer have any answers anymore. I’ve given up on the system and human values.


SupPRESSion. OpPRESSion. Oh, wherefore art thou, Free Media of today? January 1, 2007

Posted by drowmage in Drowmage's rants, Injustice, Journalism.

Happy New Year all! It’s a brand new year, it’s 12 hours into 2007, and here I am blogging away and reading fascinating sites from around the world.

I read this report released by ‘Reporters Without Borders’, on the current statistics of journalist being killed or kidnapped or even sent to prison in 2006 worldwide. The stats even include bloggers. Thanks to Jeff Ooi for posting it on his site.

Call me chicken, but it was the suppression and oppression of the media freedom that made me give up my dreams of being a rad journalist back in college and jump to graphic design. Also a reason why personal political opinions on world leaders stay put in my head.

Speaking out for your rights and all that is great, but if you’re going to disappear off the world map for a trumped-up reason cooked up by some asinine individual, you’re better off working as a matador.

Parting question of the day : If a person has nothing to fear over their actions, and believe that what they are doing is correct, then he should not have an issue about providing transparency on his actions or choices. So why, oh why, then, is suppression of free media happening?

Ponder on that, my friends.