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“Sumolah” Coming Soon! January 22, 2007

Posted by drowmage in Celebrity Interviews, Movies, Sumolah.

Afdlin Shauki has just put up a link to the website for his new movie “Sumolah“.

Sumolah Movie Poster

The site doesn’t totally look complete yet – perhaps it’s in a beta-testing stage. But the production and movie stills seem to have been uploaded, plus the synopsis and cast profiles are also up on the site.

A bit too much Flash, so please try to open the site while on Broadband or Cable (depends what you call it in your respective countries.) If you’re on Dial-up, I don’t really know how long you’ll have to wait for the page to loadup.

I’m really looking forward to this movie – caught a few tidbits of it during the dubbing session 2 weeks back before getting kicked out of the studio (apparently the ending was coming up and was not meant for public viewing yet, so of course we weren’t allowed to linger in there). But from what I saw – the movie looks fracking awesome!

It’s sad that our country’s audio equipment has to cost so much that we still need to do dubbings and voice-overs for our local movie productions, but I have to admit Afdlin’s team did a good job from the sneaks I had so far.

Gurmit Singh was hilarious as usual, Inthira Charoenpura was sweet as the half Malay-half Japanese girl, and Awie tickled my funny bone with his acting.

Drowmage rants: Never a trust a comedian – especially one who may have overdosed on six cups of expresso in the morning just before you’re trying to conduct a serious interview session.

Update: Sumolah” Release Delayed