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The Drowmage’s 2007 Predictions January 2, 2007

Posted by drowmage in 2007 predictions, Drowmage's rants.

The Drowmage is back after ushering the New Year sans alchohol and all things unsavoury. Predictions for the New Year of 2007 will begin … now :

  • Petrol prices will increase in Malaysia… again.
  • Air Asia will have even more delayed flights.
  • Crappy movies will make their way into the country’s cinemas via major distributors. (Invisible Waves, Sinking of Japan, DOA)
  • Awesome movies (Borat, Team America, The Last Communist) will be banned following comments that it degrades our youths’ mentality (yes, our nation’s youths have been famous for being spoon-fed education and are incapable of exercising their brain cells, according to many.)
  • Small village kids will start wearing “Cicakman” T-shirts and sticking their tongues out, just like their ghecko superhero.
  • Borat visits Malaysian villages, hence prompting the sequel to his movie.
  • Malaysia puts itself on the map by doing another stupendous feat, such as sending another astranout into space to find out if teh tarik can really be made in space.
  • Malaysia tries to break more world records, like the longest ‘nasi kandar’ buffet line, or the ‘biggest kebaya’.

Happy New Year everyone!

P.S. : Read Patrick Teoh’s vision of the “Visit Malaysia 2007” campaign. The man is a fracking genius!