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About the Drowmage

(For those unfamiliar to the fantasy world, a drow is a dark elf.)
The Drowmage lives in Kuala Lumpur, in a relatively small country with big dreams called Malaysia. Is a great advocate of movies with substance, science-fiction writings of Isaac Asimov and intellectual thinking in human beings, and detests those who talk out of their asses half the time.
Also a big fan of non-poofery music. Come near me with a Britney Spears CD and I’ll cast a spell on you and turn you into Boy George, evil creature.



1. Damian - February 23, 2007

Hi Drowmage

The Malay Mail has a page called Travel/Adventure and we’d like to use the photos you took of the Ghost Rider Convoy event. If you agree, please email me the relevant pictures at damiantan@gmail.com. Thanks!

The Malay Mail

2. David - March 24, 2007

Hi Drowmage
Havn’t seen you around for some time. Drop in when you get a chance.

The First Word

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