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Yasmin Ahmad begins ‘Muallaf’ June 6, 2007

Posted by drowmage in Local Filmmakers, Malaysian Movies, Muallaf, Yasmin Ahmad.

I’ve been a little lazy on updating lately, plus some problems from some asinine groups of people. Here’s a little piece on Yasmin Ahmad‘s upcoming film : ‘Muallaf’. Read the blog, it has some entries on the actors and the crew she’s working with, and the location of the shoot. Plus her way of linking  director Ho Yuhang to the great Katherine Hepburn.

When I spoke to the Sharifah sisters early this year, they pointed out to me the next star of the family. Here’s a pic of her, Sharifah Aleysha, on the right, with her sister Sharifah Amani:

Sharifah Amani & Sharifah Aleysha
Sharifah Amani & Sharifah Aleysha

And because I’m such a lazy person today, I’m going to do some cut-and-paste from Yasmin’s blog for the synopsis of ‘Muallaf’ :

“20-year old Rohani and her 14-year old sister Rohana are two Malay girls on the run from their wealthy, abusive father. Finding refuge in a smaller town, their secret little world collides with that of Robert Ng, a 30-year old Catholic school teacher. The young man finds himself irresistibly drawn towards the sisters, and the extraordinary courage with which they face adversity, in a relationship that inevitably forces Robert to confront a haunting memory of his own troubled childhood. In this story of lost souls who find comfort in each other, friendship opens the window to forgiveness and a reconciliation with the past.Source

Sounds like a fascinating tale, and one that only Yasmin could pull off. Here’s to hoping it tops ‘Mukhsin‘ when it comes out. (The Drowmage lifts another glass of water – no alcohol, mind you)



1. bluemungkey - June 1, 2008

I always found Yasmin Ahmad’s movie, directorialship, shoot of scene, cast & story board – provocative, yet similiar. A sweet artistic Malay rebel director who profound to expose most of typical ‘reality bites’ face by any individual in sweet informal Malaysian blend. Perhaps, those who are reading my comments are wondering too – why is this girl writing in English rather than Malay? I’m not gonna say that – my Bahasa Melayu ain’t that good or Bahasa Melayu writing is un-precise but this is apart of my express, universally nothing personal.

Back to the movie – I’ve read on today’s paper that MMP (David Teo’s Prod. House) also creating similiar film base on the ‘copycat’ storyboard. Perhaps, indifferent storyline & casting for sure. The issue is – why FINAS or any other bodies from Kementerian Penerangan prevent or divert this ‘similiarity’ from another production house. Why must have (2) producer producing the same film. Shouldn’t it be *first – in – first – serve* basis?

This is my comparism of (2) successful producer & off course DT is not a Director. I recognized him as prominent businessman in our film industry. But I hope, there will be more producer with the key interest to develope our film industry with the eyes for art not value for money. Has yet, our government should build more cineplex in certain prime develope area so that more of our ‘local movie’ shall have good profit margin in ticket collection revenue.

Nevertheless, my comment could be emotionally involved with the ‘copycat’ version of MMP but I reserve my comment for the movie till the day I enter the cinema for most pure Yasmin Ahmad’s creation of another GOOD MOVIE.

Yasmin Ahmad will definately touch everyone’s heart from her views of shoots! I bet!

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