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My England Damn Powderfull leh… May 18, 2007

Posted by drowmage in Drowmage's Philosophy, Random Thoughts.

No, I haven’t gone mad and forgotten how to write proper English. The title is a tribute to all those who graduated from places like the U.S., Australia, and England, but can’t speak a damn word of English.

Had a good laugh at this post by a man who’s apparently only 62% Evil.

Since moving to the city, I’ve learnt a whole new range of lingo. Apparently all the so-called graduates I’ve encountered seem to be good at butchering the English language. Here are some examples:

Situation A: Requesting that the customer repeat himself.
Normal terminology used: “Pardon Me?”
Real-Life Encounter: Hold orn, arhhhh…..

Situation B: Thanking someone.
Normal terminology used: “Thank you”
Real-Life Encounter: Wer’cum (a shortened version of ‘Welcome’, said with a heavy Chinese accent)

Situation C : Requesting for someone to move aside as you maneuver through the shopping complex.
Normal terminology used: “Excuse me.” (in a polite manner)
Real-Life Encounter: ‘X-KIUS!! (must be said in loud annoying voice.)

I’m curious to know … how did they graduate from those universities in the first place?? Their Eng-rand* is damn powderfull**…..




1. Alvin - May 23, 2007

May i know who’s on the phone? —> who are you ah?

How may i help you? —> apa lu mau?

How do you do? —> how are you man?

I’m fine —> ok la

2. Nex - December 11, 2007

My fav- sales assistant: Haro, mei ai hepchu? (hello, may I help you?)

They speak like this despite having ‘soaked in salty water’ (studied overseas) because they stick to their own kind throughout their tenute there. They never bothered to venture out of their comfort zone, or Chinatown for that matter.

I was often picked on by fellow Malaysians and our neighbour the Singaporeans for not ‘running with the pack’ during my time overseas. I was one of the few who hang with the locals and live like they do. I figure I’ll have loads of time to learn my own country’s culture and hang with my homies when I get back.

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