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“Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny” Review (18PL)- Only for the Fans. Heavy swearing involved. March 16, 2007

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If you’re NOT a huge fan of Tenacious D, or Jack Black for that matter, and have an aversion to cursing – don’t bother reading this post. In fact, I’m going to rate this review as 18PL – just for the language and well… language. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Most people, when they think of rock music, instantly associate satanism, sex, booze and getting high with the rockers. “Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny” does nothing to counter that, and in fact, endorses that belief in ways that will stun you beyond logic.

The movie stars Jack Black and Kyle Gass, which make up the band Tenacious D. In the beginning of the movie, we see a young version of JB, played by a very Jack-Black-like Troy Gentile, being punished by his father (played by Meat Loaf) for his ‘satanic music’ ways. Or he was getting his ass whooped for saying ‘fuck’ in his entire song at the supper table. In any case, JB prays to a poster of Dio’s lead singer, Ronnie James Dio – who suddenly comes to life in front of him and tells him to search for his destiny in Hollywood. And off he goes, and the movie brings us to the current time, when the now older J.B. (Jack Black) finds his way to Hollywood and eventually meets KG (Kyle Gass), who becomes his ‘trainer’ and ‘master’ in the ways of rock.

They enter an open mic night to win some money to pay the rent, and with their one lone fan – the pizza guy Lee (played by Jason Reed) – proceed to rock out. However, JB is told by the host that they need better material to win the open mic night the next time. When JB and KG try to come up with new songs, in frustration JB notices that all the successful rock musicians in the magazines had one thing in common – a pick with a strange design. The realization brings them to the Guitar Store, where they meet the Guitar Store Dude, and learn about the pick which was forged from the Devil’s tooth, which is now in the Rock and Roll Museum in Sacramento.

From that point on, the movie becomes infused with tons of rock music, weed smoking, a car-chase, and the usual Jack Black humour. They finally make their way to the Open Mic show, and in a heated argument, manage to break the pick, which gets picked up by the Devil. The two challenge the Devil to a ‘rock-off’ , in which if they win, the Devil goes back to Hell and pays their rent. But if they lose, the Devil gets to take KG back to Hell as his ‘bitch’. Scary odds.

For the Drowmage, the movie is funny. Not because it’s a funny hit movie, mind you, but because it’s just so wrong on so many damn levels. If you’re ever listened to the group’s first album of the same name, especially “Wonderboy” or “Fuck Her Gently”, you’ll get this movie. It’s the thought of these two, pot-bellied, disgusting looking asses running around on stage with an ego that would overpower Narcissus himself, yet bringing such an incredible fusion to rock, metal, and old-age opera. And when you hear KG tell JB that he needs to do one cock push-up (you heard me right) a day, it’s so fucking wrong that it’s funny.

As usual, Ben Stiller makes a cameo here (you’ll see him in the music video for their song “Tribute“) as the Guitar Store Dude. Also, look out for Dave Grohl, from the Foo Fighters, reprising his role as Devil in the movie – just as he did in “Tribute”. Plus, there’s a tribute to a scene from “A Clockwork Orange” in the first part of the movie.

There isn’t any incredible acting here, nor is it an well-written script. But it’s an adventure through the minds of these two jack-asses, best taken when you’re seriously in need of cheering up. You’ll laugh. You’ll snicker. Heck, you may even chuckle with glee at some of the scenes (and I mean, really graphic scenes), and the lame-ass jokes might even seem better with beer. Start getting your copy at Amazon.com.

Oh, and don’t do drugs, or eat strange mushrooms in the forest when you’re hungry. You might get way high, dream of a Strawberry River, and fall off a tree, just like JB did.

The Drowmage Rates this as :Stars 3.5




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