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“Sumolah” Release Delayed March 9, 2007

Posted by drowmage in Journalism, Movies, Sumolah.

According to Afldin’s blog, the movie “Sumolah” has been delayed, due to some intricacies in the Wajib Tayang policy’s internal workings. (Wajib tayang, which is translated to ‘compulsory screening‘, is a policy set by FINAS where two local films are allowed to be released in cinemas per month, with a two-week gap between their release dates.)

Hence, we’re going to have to hold our breathe a little longer, till May 10th or 17th(the date has yet to be confirmed, though I sure hope it doesn’t clash with “Spiderman 3”!).

More updates to come – so keep an eye out on this spot!

Sumolah Movie Poster



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2. Jasdev - March 12, 2007

ala kacau la, but its good anyways. saw some roughcut versions of it (got la 🙂 , and it was already funny as hell. loved the motocycle bits.

3. midnitelily - May 9, 2007

its out already… 😛

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