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“300” Spartans Vs A Million Persians February 8, 2007

Posted by drowmage in 300, Movies.

Frank Miller is pretty awesome. To be able to create so many stories which have been turned from awesome comics, or graphic novels, to even more awesome movies. It’s just too awesome (I’m so full of awesomes today, I thought I’d hand it out everyone. You’re awesome for reading this.)

Anyway, when I was watching “Music & Lyrics” in the cinema today, they had the trailer out for Zack Snyder‘s “300“, which was based on Miller’s graphic novel of the same name.

What’s it about? Well, it’s based loosely on the Battle of Thermopylae, when 300 Spartans stood their ground against the advancing Persian army consisting of over a million soldiers, in order to hold them back and give their fellow countrymen time to prepare their army.

I don’t know about you, but I love Greek and Roman history. Big fan of the mythos and all of that.

And although seeing the trailer on the Internet gave me such a thrill, seeing it on the big screen is waaayyyy more awesome!

Coming to theatres in Malaysia on the 8th of March. Check your local papers!

I leave you now with a teaser….

300 Trailer

300 Teaser

Persian Soldier/General: (dying with a sick grin) Our arrows will blot out the sun ….

Spartan Soldier : Then we will fight in the shade.

How can THAT not be cool?!?

300 Movie Poster



1. Gallivanter - March 2, 2007

Frank Miller kicks ass! Loved SIN CITY, and I’m looking forward to 300 too! 🙂

2. Rob - March 3, 2007

The movie looks awsome but do you no what certificate it will be

3. drowmage - March 9, 2007

Gallivanter : I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. As soon as I catch it , I’ll know whether to bash it or to rave about it. 😀

Rob : Certificate?? Do you mean the rating, or classification for the movie? For Malaysia, “300” has an 18PL Classification for those above 18 years of age to watch it. Hope that answers the question.

4. Angel - March 9, 2007

Where may I get a copy of the movie poster?

5. Glen Safreed - April 29, 2007

One awesome movie, truly moving, authentic and original, entertaining from start to finish. 2 thumbs up!!! When it goes to DVD it will be in my collection.

6. steven - December 17, 2007

I loved this movie these persians being outwitted and being held back by only 300 spartans the god king should never have underestimated sparta i wish they made a sequel where we see him deal with 10000 spartans

7. ashley - January 10, 2008

Sweetest movie ive seen in ages been talking about it like its not been out for a year. . . . . still awesome though!

8. pizzaro francis - July 4, 2008

i would be very grateful if you could send me more information about the spartans and a novel as well will be appreciated

9. pizzaro francis - July 4, 2008


10. dan - August 28, 2008

very brilliant film

11. glen - October 27, 2009

its very awesome!!!!

glen ^_^

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