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Even the Ex-PM is on YouTube! February 6, 2007

Posted by drowmage in Drowmage's Philosophy, Journalism, Random Thoughts, YouTube.

Caught something on Jeff Ooi’s blog – the ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir, actually recorded himself talking about his latest conference topic “Criminalising War” and had his people put it up on YouTube.

Dr Mahathir on YouTube!

Who says the older generation aren’t tech-savvy?

He’s 81 years old, been assaulted, yet he’s still going strong. Not going to back down without a fight.

Yeah to Dr Mahathir!

Here’s a tidbit I found, this is why the Drowmage loves the Internet.

The Drowmage muses : On her top 100 things to do before joining her ancestors in the other realm, the Drowmage would probably want her picture taken with Dr Mahathir. He’s truly a living legend . No matter the things he may or may not have done during his rule of 22 years, he brought the country out from underneath the rock and brought it out into the world.



1. Alvin - February 13, 2007

Yea, Dr M is truly a legend. Because of him, Malaysia prosper-ed….Well, let us all hope and pray hard that our PM now and in the future, can be as successful (or better) than him.

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