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SupPRESSion. OpPRESSion. Oh, wherefore art thou, Free Media of today? January 1, 2007

Posted by drowmage in Drowmage's rants, Injustice, Journalism.

Happy New Year all! It’s a brand new year, it’s 12 hours into 2007, and here I am blogging away and reading fascinating sites from around the world.

I read this report released by ‘Reporters Without Borders’, on the current statistics of journalist being killed or kidnapped or even sent to prison in 2006 worldwide. The stats even include bloggers. Thanks to Jeff Ooi for posting it on his site.

Call me chicken, but it was the suppression and oppression of the media freedom that made me give up my dreams of being a rad journalist back in college and jump to graphic design. Also a reason why personal political opinions on world leaders stay put in my head.

Speaking out for your rights and all that is great, but if you’re going to disappear off the world map for a trumped-up reason cooked up by some asinine individual, you’re better off working as a matador.

Parting question of the day : If a person has nothing to fear over their actions, and believe that what they are doing is correct, then he should not have an issue about providing transparency on his actions or choices. So why, oh why, then, is suppression of free media happening?

Ponder on that, my friends.



1. Alvin - January 1, 2007

Perhaps they want to control the flow of information…which is quite a sensitive issue. No more freedom of speech I guess?

2. Jasdev - January 2, 2007

its true taht when youre convinced of something you dont hide.

but, like all buts, it seems that this honesty can be easily manipulated. its not about the freedom its about the people now. imagine i say lets learn about our 400million year old kinta valley, some goddang religionist is gonna say im a heretic cos earth is created 58 years ago. it has come to apoint where there is a clash of the old and the new beliefs, thanks to more accesible(not ncserily freer) media. THESE people need to come to terms, which cannot be forced. What CAN be done is, to be more critical.

my 2cents. happy new year drowmage !

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