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Yellow Fever Video December 8, 2006

Posted by drowmage in Wong Fu Productions.

No, this is not related to the actual disease. It’s a video made by an three American Chinese guys who met in college and realized that they shared a passion for filmmaking. Later on, they set up Wong Fu Productions.

Out of their collection of shorts, the funniest one I’ve seen so far is” Yellow Fever”, about Chinese guys wondering why all their Chinese chicas seem to go for American guys, but not themselves.

Music accompaniment is a mix between the stuff you hear playing The Sims 2 or Theme Hospital.

Check it out here.

Something for all aspiring local filmmakers out there. If a bunch of college students can do this, why can’t our country’s established filmmakers do this? Is it because they just keep recycling the same boring rubbish over and over again?



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