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Gridiron Gang – Hooyeah! December 7, 2006

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I’ve got to admit, I only went to watch the movie for two reasons. Ok, three. One – The Rock. Two – Xzibit. Three – Gridiron.

The movie was just fracking awesome. It’s not completely based on all the events, but partially based on true life events, of 2 juvenile detention officers who get the worst of the kids in the juvenile detention camp together to form a football team, to play, on the gridiron.

For the ignorant, the football we’re talking about here is not the same sport played by a bunch of pansies who feel that overacting and rolling on the floor is the best way to get his opponent kicked out of the gameplay. Neither is this the game where you get hauled up for investigation just because you head-butted a motor-mouth pansy.

This, my friends, is the GRIDIRON. Good old American football. You may have heard of Americans talking about their precious NFL. The stuff of legend, where every head smash into the opponent makes you go “YEAHHHHHH!” And the Superbowl where the infamous ‘wardrobe malfunction‘ happened.
Truly barbaric, but why deny our bloodthirsty, nose-picking, butt-scratching and hairy ancestry?

Yes, a tear or two escaped the drowmage’s eyes during the brotherhood “you watch my back, I’ll watch yours” moments. The moments were good. Inspirational and all that. But it was every single head-smash and tackle which just inspired me to wish we had people playing this game in this country. It was every touchdown that brought a tear to my eye. And when Willy jumped over the fallen heroes, and scored his first touchdown – I almost jumped up out of my seat – but that wouldn’t have been smart. It was a cinema hall. Dang.

When we left the cinema hall, the first thing I did was turn to Mario, an Australian chap who was my housemate for a bit.

“Mate, did you do all the smashing stuff back in Adelaide?” the drowmage asked, referring to him playing gridiron for the Adelaide state team in Australia.

“Yeah mate,” he grinned. “We always went for the quarterbacks.”

Quarterbacks are always the smallest and fastest runners, but that made them free food for the fracking HUGE linebackers.

In case all these phrases don’t make sense, here’s a way to learn up a little on gridiron positions.

A definite must-see if you enjoy good smashin’ fun.



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